Take Your First Step Toward a Healthy, Confident, and Beautiful Smile

Your initial consultation at Bates Family Orthodontics is always complimentary! We understand that choosing to pursue orthodontic treatment is a big decision and the team at Bates Family Orthodontics will ensure that every step of the process is as seamless and comfortable as possible. 

Female patient admiring her smile after orthodontic treatment

What to Expect at Your First Visit

1. Welcome to Bates Family Orthodontics

Our friendly and welcoming front desk team will greet you (typically by name!) as you enter our office and direct you to our comfortable waiting area. You won’t spend much time there, if any, as our treatment coordinator will quickly welcome you and your family to one of our consultation rooms. She will help confirm that all of the necessary forms have been completed and insurance information, if any, has been submitted for verification. It is always easiest and most efficient if you have completed these steps before your appointment via the easy to follow links that you will receive at home.

2. Records

Our wonderful and gentle treatment coordinator will then take some records of your smile so that Dr. Bates can best determine your treatment plan. These records include a 3D radiograph (ultra-low dose CBCT which has less radiation than the traditional panoramic/cephalometric images taken), a set of photos, and a digital scan of your teeth. We do not take ooey-gooey impressions at our office!

3. Meet Dr. Bates!

Dr. Bates will review your records, complete a clinical examination (just a quick and comfortable check of your teeth and jaw joints), and review his treatment recommendations with you. Dr. Bates always says he “does treatment for you, not to you” and considers it important that any questions you may have for him are answered.

4. Review Insurance and Financing Options

Our wonderful treatment coordinator will then discuss all of the information related to your treatment cost, financing options, and any orthodontic insurance benefits you may have. We strive to make this part of the process as easy as possible so that you can pursue the treatment you desire in a way that fits your lifestyle and budget!

Start Your Smile Transformation Today

If you have any other questions about your initial visit to Bates Family Orthodontics, please call or text us at (434) 846-4014. You can also email us at info@batesfamilyortho.com.

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