Digitally-planned, 3D-printed, custom clear LightForce braces in Lynchburg

At Bates Family Orthodontics, we're proud to be the first practice in Lynchburg and the surrounding areas that offers LightForce custom braces.

LightForce custom braces are translucent upper and lower braces that combine the predictability and effectiveness of braces with the esthetics of clear aligners, and offer ultimate precision and treatment efficiency.

All About LightForce

Unlike traditional brackets that are a one-size fits all approach (made the same for an average of each tooth), these translucent (yes, upper and lower!) braces have been perfectly designed and positioned in your digital treatment plan by Dr. Bates before they are 3D-printed so that they perfectly fit to each of YOUR teeth.

LightForce allows a level of customization and digital design that enables our doctors to achieve predictable results in a comfortable manner and in a shorter period of time.

Our doctors are able to digitally design your smile (similar to Invisalign) and more precisely position brackets that will perfectly contour to your teeth. This level of precision helps them to avoid the need for repositioning brackets and making as many bends in your wires, which translates to faster treatment.

LightForce brackets and the bonding trays they are placed with are both 3D-printed. Our team can then bond multiple brackets (in the perfect position) all at once, meaning an even more comfortable appointment.

You can choose to have clear braces or white braces with LightForce. Every bracket except the very back teeth will be this color. Yes, both upper and lower!

LightForce custom braces offer the improved esthetics, efficiency, and results that clear aligners offer, with the effectiveness and versatility of traditional braces.

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Adults, teens, and even children love LightForce!